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Week of 23rd March

In English, we had just started a unit on persuasive writing around adverts. We were working around designing our own brand for a slush or smoothie and advertising this!

On Monday, please ask the children to look at the attached logos and also research others on the internet. Which brands do you recognise? What makes a successful Logo? Why do you think characters are sometimes used? Building on from last week, can the children now evaluate and redesign their logo so that it is suitable to appear on a cup, posters and a TV ad? Children who were not in school last week, can you please complete your initial design.


Today we would like the children to write some rhetorical questions to persuade people to buy their new drink.

A rhetorical question makes a consumer think that they really do need to buy the product.

Have a look on the internet to see if you can find any examples of rhetorical questions used in advertising.


We found this one:   How do you eat yours?

Do you know which product this question is for?


You could try to include alliteration in your question or a simile

e.g. Are you feeling like a sloth because of your slow, sluggish car?

Have a go at writing some for your product.





OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!


Check out the email that Miss Birks has forwarded to us! We are needed! Can you help?


Sentences of three!!!

Persuasive writing often includes sentences with three effective ideas to persuade people to buy the product.


This one is from Andrex: Soft, strong and very long.     It uses alliteration and rhyme too.


This fantastic slush is mouth- watering, it will make your taste- buds tingle and it refreshes your mind. 


Have a go at writing some rule of 3 sentences for your slush. Remember the correct punctuation.

Friday's fun task!

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