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Week of 23rd March

This week we will work every day on an extract from Fantastic Mr Fox and this will give children the opportunity to show you all of their amazing reading skills.


On Monday, please read, read and read this again! We usually read and let the children follow to begin with. They then read along with us the second time and read to somebody else the third time. Ask the children if they can give you a gist/summary  of what they have read in no more than 4 sentences. There are also some listening questions attached to ask the children. We will upload more questions throughout the week for you to ask the children.


As they practise reading this text throughout the week, it should sound like more of a 'performance'! We will be missing  seeing the children do this  and would love videos to be messaged to us via Class Dojo if this is possible for you! Good luck and enjoy :-)




On Tuesday and Wednesday, ask the children to read the text aloud to you again with a real focus on fluency and expression. It is really helpful if you model this first for them. After that, answer half of the attached questions on Tuesday and half on Wednesday. Try to encourage them to answer in full sentences just like they are used to doing in school.



On Thursday, the children always correct their work. I have attached a guide to help you work through the answers with them. Hopefully, keeping a very similar routine to the school week will help with their confidence!

On Fridays we always perform the text again for a final time and use the text to develop vocabulary further.


Make a list of synonyms (words with the same/ a near meaning) for the following verbs:





Can you write sentences of your own to include these verbs?