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Week of 27th April

Friday: Vocabulary


For the following words, write down words with the same meanings (synonyms) and write sentences of your own which include them.








Use your answer sheet to mark and correct your guided reading work from this week. If you made mistakes, try to explain to a grown up where you went wrong.

Tuesday 28th/Wednesday 29th


Over the next two days, work through the comprehension questions. Make sure to answer the questions in full sentences, including evidence from the text. Remember, you do not need to print the questions, answer in your exercise book.

Monday 27th April

On Mondays, as you will now be getting used to, we ask that you read, read and read the text again! Then talk with a family member about what type of text this is and the features which show it is a non-chronological report. Try to give a summary of each section to your grown up.