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Week of 27th April


Yesterday you wrote open questions to ask the lighthouse keeper to find out more about his feelings. Today, you are going to use those questions to write a script between a news reporter and the lighthouse keeper. Watch this Newsround clip as a good example:

Think about how much emotion you can make the lighthouse keeper give in his answers. Your script could start like this...


Reporter: Good morning and welcome to Newsround! You may have heard the incredible story of the lighthouse keeper who was recently helped by locals to save hundreds of lives! Here he is to tell his amazing story! Good Morning Jim!


Lighthouse Keeper: Good Morning!


Reporter: Take us back to that night Jim, how did the evening begin?


Lighthouse Keeper:


Use your brilliant vocabulary to complete the script. Then, why not ask a family member to act it out with you! We do love a bit of drama in Year 3! laugh

Thursday, 30th April

Today we would like you to think of some open and closed questions that you would like to ask the lighthouse keeper.

Try to find out as much information about him as you can. I would really like to know how he came to be a lighthouse keeper.

Remember to use a range of question words to start each question: where, when, how, who, why, do you etc.


If you have time, you could even 'hot seat' yourself or a grown up as the lighthouse keeper and answer some of your questions.

By Wednesday, you should be ready to check you have the pictures in the right order be ready to write your sentences with time adverbials. As an extension, can you include emotive language? What were the thoughts and feelings of the lighthouse keeper?

Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th April


Over the next two days we would like you to focus on the main events from the Lighthouse Keeper story.

Firstly, we would like you to sequence the main events in chronological order (time order).

You have some pictures from the story to help you do this.


Then we would like you to complete a storyboard to retell the story of the Lighthouse Keeper. We have done this before with The Twits text and Baboon on the Moon. A storyboard needs illustrations and writing.

Your sentences will need to start with time adverbials to link each event together.


In the evening,

When he got out of his chair,

As soon as he could,

A moment later,

Without stopping to think,


We look forward to seeing your completed storyboards soon!

Monday 27th April

This week's English learning will all be based around the animation below. Before watching, the children will benefit from gaining a bit of background knowledge about lighthouses. They could get this by researching or by discussion with an adult. Then sit back and enjoy the clip...

Lighthouse (Animation)

Lighthouse (2008), animated short movie by Charlie Short and Ming Hsiung made for the Responsibility Project campaign for Liberty Mutual. Animation director:...



Discuss the clip with a grown up and try to answer the questions below:



Describe the weather at the beginning of the clip. What impression did this give?

Why did the lighthouse keeper close the window at the beginning of the clip? What do you think this might show?




What happened in the town when the light went out? What does this tell you?





Why do you think the lighthouse keeper ran up and down the stairs instead of walking?




How do you think the lighthouse keeper felt when he saw the ship approaching?





Describe how you think the lighthouse keeper’s feelings had changed by the end of the clip.