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Week of 27th April


Please keep going on Reflex maths as a warm up! We are really proud of the progress being made on there.


Then move on to complete the following mastery checkpoint, followed by the Friday questions below.

If you would like an extra activity to complete today, have a go at this Mastery Checkpoint. 

Wednesday 29th/ Thursday 30th


On both days:

Please start by playing on Reflex as a warm up, it is great to see so many of you are doing this already!

Then work through the two sheets below, one on each day.

Then play on 'Clam Collector' (Activelearn) to develop your skills further, see how many levels you can get through!

Monday 27th April/Tuesday 28th April

On both days, please:

-continue to build fluency on Reflex maths

-play on 'Rainy Daze' on Active Learn


Work through the following questions, there is a sheet for each day.

Here they are, in picture format.