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Week of 29th June

Here are all the documents that you will need for Guided Reading this week. We are working on a poem that the children always grow to love so we hope you enjoy it!



Read, read and read again as we always do on a Monday. Try to develop a walking rhythm as your fluency grows. How can you tell this is a poem? What repeating patterns can you spot? How many stanzas are there?



Tuesday/ Wednesday


Read the text aloud again to an adult and answer half of the questions each day.




Mark and correct your work and try to think about where you went wrong. What tripped you up?




This is the day we focus on vocabulary. Cab you skim and scan the text to find the adverb that tells you they walked every day?



That's right it is daily with a root word of day. What adverbs can you make from the following root words:






Write sentences about yourself including these adverbs. For example, I wash my car weekly.