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Week of 6th July

Our  key grammar feature for this week will be the correct use  of apostrophes. This will be embedded in the creative writing process as we plan and write our own amazing fables!


Remember to join our Teams meetings on Monday. You will be given the chance to share your speech work from last week and ask us all a Y3 quiz question. We can't wait to see your lovely faces! heart



Now let's recap...what will our fables need? Put on your thinking caps!

Today we will work on choosing a moral for our fable and then choosing a hero and villain that might work well for us. For example look at the moral below. Which animal would you choose to learn a lesson like that? Which would be most likely to steal? Think about all the stories you have read before!
We would like you to create a poster with your hero and villain. Use the list of morals above to help you choose your animals. Add vocabulary to your poster to help you later in the week. Here is a success criteria for you to choose the level of challenge you feel comfortable with. Don't forget, you can discuss this on Teams or we are happy to phone you about it! yes

Then, compose sentences about your own character including possessive apostrophes. You may use this grid to help you...

Once you have watched the video, write sentences of your own (about your character) using contractions. There is a grid here to help you if you are finding it tricky!

Thursday/ Friday


It is now time to plan your own fable using a story mountain. Remember all the granmmar features we have learned over this last couple of weeks. Try to include as much as you can in the plan, but don't worry, when you write up your fable next week, you can add more detail. I have added a success criteria below and a vocabulary grid to help you!

Story Mountain