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Week of 8th June

Another weird and wonderful picture to stimulate our imaginations! I hope you like it as much as the previous ones...

Remember, you can work through these jobs in any order except for the first one. The learning will be much better this week if you start with 'Question time'.


Have a look at the picture and start to imagine what is happening and what might have already happened. Carefully read aloud the questions to a grown up and talk about possible answers. You might not agree and that is fine. Really be creative and let your imagination run wild! Try to include some Year 3/4 words in your answers. (see below)


I really like some of the vocabulary in these questions! What does fortune mean? What about ill-fate? Can you think of synonyms for those words?

Now it is your turn to ask questions. What would you like to know? Try to start your questions with a variety of question words...






Take turns with a family member to act as the child in the picture. Ask and answer questions to find out all the details. Make sure to let us know what you discover!



'Story starter' job (Maybe Tuesday)


You have been given a story starter, and it is up to you what happens next!!surprise


We would like you to write the story in the first person, just like you did in school with Baboon. Do you remember? That means you are the child, just like you were the baboon (you can pretend it is a boy if you would rather). Please remember to try to include Year 3/4 words like yesterday. Here is my example...


The crows were gathering. The hunt was on and I had been running for so long I was finding it difficult to breathe! Suddenly, something caught my eye...



'Sentence Challenge' (maybe Wednesday)


This job asks for something with a very posh name (subordinate clause) which makes something simple sound as though it will be really tricky. Don't worry, it is actually very straight forward. You just need to use a subordinating conjunction in your sentence. Here is a list of ones you could use:









Choose sentences from your writing to improve with a subordinating conjunction. I'll show you what I mean with my sentence from yesterday...

The crows were gathering because they had noticed the precious egg.

The highlighted part is the subordinate clause that I created using 'because'.

I will add a link to Bitesize below where you will find lots of help with this if you feel you need it.




Sick Sentences (Maybe Thursday)


This is a job that you are getting really good at now! You have been given some really boring sentences to improve. Now these are written in the third person. The clues are the pronouns 'she' (instead of I) and 'her' (instead of me/my).

Can you keep these sentences in the third person but improve them by:

  • Adding expanded noun phrases ( Most of you are confident with this but I will include a link with a bit of help below just in case)
  • More powerful vocabulary. What synonyms (words with the same meaning) could you use instead of ran, chased and scared. Don't forget the Year 3/4 word list includes some beautiful examples. Wow us!
  • Including adverbs. Again I will include a link for help but I think you are confident to do this too. Tell me how she carried the egg, how she ran etc

Perfect Picture (Maybe Friday)


Today we would like you to imagine what is inside the egg. What type of creature is this? Is it from the past? From outer space? Discuss this with a family member and once you have made your decision, carefully draw a picture of what is inside. I would then like you to label your drawing with expanded noun phrases to really catch my attention.


For example:

soft, purple feathers

sparkling, silver skin with glistening scales


For an extra challenge, add a simile like these:

purple feathers as delicate as snowflakes

sparkling, silver scales glistening like diamonds