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World Book Day 2021

World Book Day Zoom – 9: 10am

Share with us your favorite book and find out about all the activities we have planned for today!


Favourite Book Activity Pack

You will need your favourite book that you have chosen for this week to complete this activity pack. Here you will use your book to complete these activities. We start with a character profile, looking at your favourite character in the book. Then we will complete our diary entry, interview the author, quiz time, book cover, blurb and finally creating our own word search! This may take you a while, but don’t worry, take your time and I would love to see these completed and brought into school on Monday for our reading corner!


World Book Day Live Lesson – 11:30am

Join the 30-minute Live Lesson, hosted by CBBC's Ben Shires and Bitesize Daily's Mr. Smith on BBC Teach and on the CBBC channel on the morning of 4th March 2021 at 11:30am. For this lesson you will need an activity sheet, I have downloaded this and uploaded this for you. There is also a teacher and parent guide too.


Where and when:

Date: Thursday, 4th March 2021

Time: 11:30am

Duration: 30 minutes



World Book Day Scavenger Hunt

You will need lots of books for this activity! You can play at school, at home or in a library. Find each of the items on the list below in the books you have. Use the table to record the item, the book you found it in, the page number and your reasons or more information. I have uploaded the document for you to use for this activity.


World Book Day Reading Challenge

Go over to your portfolios and check out my world book day reading challenge and send your entries in! Read a small part of your favourite book and try to be as expressive and fluent as possible! Can’t wait to see your entries. Don’t forget prizes up for grabs for the best ones!


World Book Day Kahoot Quiz – 2:20pm

Join us for a world book day themed Kahoot quiz at 2:20pm on zoom! Can’t wait to hear all about your day and test your knowledge on the quiz!


Other Tasks to do throughout the day and Friday

  • World Book Day Word Search
  • World Book Day Maths Mystery
  • 60 Second Read
  • Imagine you are back in school on your first day back after lockdown. Write a diary entry of how the day went, predict what will happen, how you will feel and what you enjoyed the most!
  • Create your own bookmark
  • Create your own book