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Year Four (4)

Welcome to Year 4!


Your teachers are Mr Atherton in Y4TA and Mrs Cresswell in Y4JC.  You will also be supported by Mrs Berrow and Mrs Stockdale, our amazing teaching assistants.



PE Days




 Outdoor Tuesday

Outdoor Tuesday



Outdoor PE: You will need shorts, tracksuit bottoms or leggings, your house T-shirt and a change of trainers or plimsolls.


Our '1K a Day' walk/jog around the playground will also be completed during the week as some extra activity!




French PowerPoint for Wed 3rd February

Home Learning Resources 2020/21


For any children who are needing to stay at home (but are not unwell!) in these difficult times, here you will find 2 weeks worth of resources.

There's plenty of English, Maths and other curriculum subjects for you to have a go at, so please keep us updated with how you are getting on using Dojo, and bring your work back in when you return to school so we can mark it!


We miss you and hope you stay safe and well.


Mrs Cresswell and Mr Atherton :-)

Home Learning for 2019/20

Work beginning June 29th (2 weeks)

Friday 27th March

Reading/Maths: Read the instructions on the sheet carefully. Then follow them to make yourself some tasty biscuits! Don’t worry if you don’t have any of the ingredients – any recipe will do.

Can you change the measurements into kilograms? (remember, 1000g = 1kg, so you need to divide by 1000). Please also spend some time on Reflex or TT Rockstars today.

English: Look again at the picture you drew yesterday.

Choose some amazing adjectives and powerful verbs to describe what you can see, hear and smell. Record these around your picture. Remember to check your spellings, and ask yourself, “Is this the best word I can use?” If the answer is no, improve it!


Extension: Imagine what you would feel if you were standing inside your picture. This could be ‘outside’ feelings, e.g. silky sand between your toes, or how you feel on the inside such as light-hearted. Add these to your picture.


Art: For a bit of Friday relaxation, print off and colour the attached sheets. Can you find the random bird, Mohican germ, starry eyes and sunglasses hidden in the first picture? Beci, who has designed these sheets, would love to see some finished examples, so please upload your work to your Dojo profile for me to pass on to her.


That's it, folks! Enjoy your Easter break. smiley

Thursday 26th March

Are you ready for Day 4? Keep going - the holidays are nearly here! smiley


Reading: Log in to Oxford Owl and choose an ebook to read, or read a short story/magazine article. Write a mini review, telling me whether or not you enjoyed it, who you would recommend it to and a mark out of 5 stars.


English: Unfortunately, at the moment we are all stuck at home. So close your eyes, and imagine that you can be wherever you want to be. This can be a real place, an imaginary one, somewhere out of a book or film, wherever you want it to be.


Look around your special place. What can you see? What can you hear? How does it make you feel?


Draw your special place in the middle of a piece of paper. Add as much detail as you can to your picture.


Maths: Complete 20 minutes of Reflex (can you close the green circle?) and at least one Active Learn game.


Art: Draw some shadow pictures on your windowsill or in the garden.

Shadow pictures

Wednesday 25th March

Day Two is in the books! It’s time for Day 3! Remember to keep uploading those files to dojos, either through messages or on the portfolios! It’s been great to see all the hard work and smile!



Mark your answers from yesterday! Do you understand where you went wrong if you got them wrong?
Then, have a debate with your family – which book would you love to see turned into a movie? Why? Who would play the main characters?



Can you spot the determiners in the sentences?
MR ATHERTON’s WAY OF REMEMBERING WHAT DETERMINERS ARE: They tell us (determine) which noun we mean!
There are 3 different sheets! Choose one which you think you can do (PUSH YOURSELVES!)
Then, can you use the determiners you have found in sentences of your own?



Have a go at the perimeter sheets! For some shapes, you may need to work out the lengths of the missing sides before finding the perimeter… make sure you check these first!

EXTENSION: Measure the shapes and work out their perimeter!

EXTENSION 2: Find the perimeter of some objects in your house!
Remember, these extensions are not mandatory.



Choose 2 or 3 of the Endangered Animals worksheets to find out about a species which is in trouble in the wild! You may wish to do 2 or more.
If you want something extra, go to and search for how to draw one of these animals!

Tuesday 24th March

We hope you are enjoying learning at home!

Here are today’s activities. Don’t forget to get active and enjoy some play time too!


Reading: Read the poem from yesterday again. Then try to answer the questions in your pack. Again, if you need to, you can download the sheet below.

We will post the answers tomorrow so you can check your work, just like we do in our reading sessions at school.


Maths: Arithmetic Paper Practise

These are all the question types children are expected to be tested on in Year 4 – you have done these before!

Have a go at all the questions, then check your answers with a calculator. Do you see where you went wrong?


English: Today we are moving on to using apostrophes when there is a plural owner (more than one).

Look at these two sentences –

The dog’s tail was wagging.

The dogs’ tails were wagging.


How many differences can you spot?

RULE: If the owner ends in ‘s’, just add an apostrophe after the ‘s’.


There are two sheets below to help you practise this rule.


Creative Activity: Create a postcard or card to send to an elderly relative or friend. Try and write a poem to let them know how you are getting on, how respectful you are being, and how you are trying to help with everything going on at the minute!

Monday 23rd March

Welcome to Day One of the Emmanuel Home School!

Here are the activities we would like you to complete today.

Reading: Find the poem Daddy fell into the pond. This should be in your activity pack, but you can also download it below.

Read it, and read it again. Read it in your head and read it out loud.

Can you find the words that rhyme?

Can you feel the rhythm?

Can you learn the first verse off by heart?

Please also read a book/comic/any other reading material of your choice for at least 15 minutes today.

English: Today we are revising how to use apostrophes to show possession (that something belongs to somebody).

Look at the presentation to remind yourself how we use apostrophes when there is only one owner.

Then complete at least one of the activity sheets. There are 3 to choose from, starting with the easiest.

Finally, check your answers using the answer sheet.

Extension: Write your own sentences about your family and friends, using apostrophes for possession.

e.g. My mum’s hair is long and curly while my brother’s hair is very short.

Maths: Find the perimeter of the shapes on the sheet, then follow the instructions to make new shapes. Remember, perimeter is the distance all the way round the outside of a shape.

Topic: Did you know that, in Arizona, it is illegal for a donkey to sleep in a bathtub? laugh

Research some more weird American laws. Choose your favourite ones and record them on the sheet.