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Year Six (6)



Dear Parents/ careers,


We all hope that you and your family are keeping well and safe in these uncertain times. We have put together this letter to inform you of how learning will look over the forthcoming half term.


Each day will follow the same format as a typical school day, starting with a registration period and an overview of the day, followed by structured lessons with input from teaching staff, and ending with opportunities to discuss the day and reading a class book. It is vital that children access all lessons in the day as the timetable is spiralised – if a lesson is missed out, your child may struggle to access the next day’s learning.


The school day will start with a zoom meeting at 8:50 where a register will be taken. Again, it is essential that your child attends this so they know what their school day will look like, and the learning that is expected of them.


A daily timetable will be shared on Class Dojo and the Emmanuel website every day (as requested by many parents in the last bubble closure, this will be uploaded the day before). If you do not have the Dojo app yourself, please contact school as much of our information will be shared via this route.  We can then send a link for you to join your child’s class. Please see below for a timetable for an average week. We have not included timings for each lesson as these may vary day to day.


All learning will take part on the Government’s Oak Academy website as opposed to worksheet –based learning that may have taken place in previous bubble closures/lockdowns. This is due to there being a clear input from a professional in each lesson which is in line with Governmental guidelines and allows us to expand learning by providing further knowledge and skills. Although we have developed a year 6 curriculum for each subject, we have also taken into account the needs of particular children who may need differentiated levels of work and/or extra input. Therefore, Emmanuel staff will be available at all times during the school day to provide this additional support, guidance and boosters if and when required.


Recording of learning can be done within the home-learning packs that were sent home before the Autumn bubble closure (or via the use of technology if your child feels more confident with this). Please contact one of the Year 6 staff if you require resources (such as pencils, paper etc.) so that we can organise this for you to collect at the school gates.


Your child should try and upload as much of their learning as they can onto their Class Dojo portfolio on a daily basis. This is to ensure that we can give feedback and guidance and assess progress through the national curriculum. I will send out further instructions as to how they can do this. We will also be posting the link to access the portfolios on the Y6 pages on dojo. This can often stop working if your child does not access the portfolio for 48 hours so we will post one on the Class page each morning.


We appreciate that a lot of you are still working during this time and value your patience. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you or your child are struggling with the learning. They are also able to message their teacher directly via their Class Dojo portfolio (that is private between them, the teaching staff and you as parents).


We look forward to seeing you tomorrow for our first zoom meeting.


Take care,


The Year 6 team



Class Dojo has struggled due to the heavy amount of traffic recently. Please use these links to the Zoom meetings.






Hello everyone!


If you are self-isolating at home but you feel well enough to learn, we have added some small learning activities which you can do throughout the day.  You don't have to do them in any particular order, but you should try to complete one task of English, a Maths and another subject each day.


We'd love to see the learning that you have done so please do share it on Class Dojo and bring it back to us when you are back in school!


We can't wait to see you as soon as you are able to return to school - we miss you.


Take care,

Mrs Cottam, Mr Laycock, Mrs Hague and Miss Brown

Multiplication and division recall practice: While we get Reflex up and running, I've attached some documents which you may find useful

Last week activities!


If school were open, these last few days would be spent either in transition at your secondary school, or if we were at Emmanuel, we would be completing activities celebrating your successes and sharing memories of your time at Emmanuel/ Waterthorpe.


So this week, although there are maths and SPaG activities available to you (if you wish to do these), we are setting you more open-ended work. Pick and choose what you fancy doing! And remember to smile and have fun as much as possible!!


  1. Write a memoir/ diary entry outlining your time at Emmanuel. What has been your best memory? Do you have any funny anecdotes / stories?
  2. Write a letter to one of your previous teachers and post it to school (see the website for the address)
  3. Complete a research topic on ANYTHING you are interested in: Sheffield United (Mrs Hague would love you for it!), WW2, another country, instructions on how to complete the newest dance… the possibilities are endless! You don’t have to write this, it could be a vlog (which you could post onto your portfolio).
  4. Art project (for you Niamh and Sophie!!!). I’m leaving this open to you. If you need pointers, why not try the work of a famous artist (Monet, Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, Da Vinci). We would have been looking at Frida Kahlo’s art this term, so you could mimmick one of her pieces of art. Alternatively, why not google ‘step by step’ art or a ‘how to draw…’
  5. Write a poem to your future self: outline all of your excitement and dreams. You could call it ‘I wonder…’ and start each line with those words…


I wonder if I will be a vet,

I wonder if I will have twenty-three pets,

I wonder if I will learn to cook a meal,

I wonder what I will look like, and how I will feel…