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Kandinsky Circles


Have a go at using paint, felt tip pens or pencil crayons to create your own Kandinsky style picture.

Linked to our science for this term, can you create a replica of a fossil using dried food. If you don't have spare pasta, why not use twigs and stones from your garden?

Flower Art


Have a go at some art work using flowers and plants. There are many famous artists that you could research who used flowers as their inspiration. We have included many different ideas for you to choose from but if you have an idea of your own- go for it!!

How about challenging yourself to draw a spider?

Watch and follow the step by step tutorial on YouTube.

We love this idea for recycling milk bottles. This would be a really fun activity for you to try!

Have a go at decorating rocks just like the children of key workers did in school this week. You could also take photos of any you spot whilst out taking exercise!

Why not try making a Lockdown keepsake from the handprints of your loved ones who you spent precious time with? If you want to try the salt dough creation, a recipe is included below.

Lockdown keepsakes 2020

Have a go at a piece of outdoor artwork and please send us a photo!

Why not try some shadow art while the sun is shining for us? Links really well to our science learning too!
Why not try some shadow art while the sun is shining for us?