Our Children



There are many different ways in which children can get involved in school life, within and beyond the classroom. Our children love to learn and love their lessons. They complete homework and love to celebrate everyone's successes. Children can also get involved beyond the classroom. They can attend breakfast club and after school club but they can also get involved in the wider life of the school.

There are three key ways in which children can support the leadership of our school:


The Junior Leadership Group: This group work with Mr Cornes to look at how we can keep making Emmanuel Junior Academy a better place to be. There is a representative from every class, chosen by the children.  

The Spirit Council: This group of children are working with Mrs Smith to think about the Spiritual Life of the school and our distinctive nature as a Church School. This group of children apply for the role.

The Social Action Group are working with Mrs Cresswell to think about how we can all show Courageous Advocacy and help make our community and the wider world a better place to be.


More information on these groups to follow. Watch this space! 


The Spirit Council


The role of the Spirit Council is:


  • To promote the Church in school.
  • To make worship fun for everyone.
  • To help all children and families feel welcome and special, regardless of whether they are Christian, belong to another faith community or have no religion.
  • To help children to understand the teachings of the bible and other faith groups, promoting our values.
  • To help everyone to find and develop their own spirituality.
  • To help children to find Jesus or peace in their hearts


The Spirit Council used to be called Team Rev Jen. Rev Jen was very special to us and will always have a special place in our hearts. The council are volunteers; they work throughout the year helping to develop the Christian ethos of the school.


In the past we have:


  • Arranged a variety of fundraising activities, including a bake sale, to support local and national charities.
  • Helped Rev. Jen set up ‘messy church’ activities.
  • Developed the willow dome as an area of quiet reflection for children and created a ‘reflection box’ to be used outside.
  • Visited the cathedral and the House of Lords with the Bishop of Sheffield.
  • Worked together with Mrs Cresswell and Rev. Jen to plan our assemblies help other children understand the teaching of the bible.
  • Organised Holy Communion and taken a lead in organising celebrations in the church at Christmas and Easter.