Knowledge Organisers

What is a knowledge organiser?


  • A knowledge organiser is a document that has lots of key facts, dates and knowledge that your child will need to have a basic knowledge and understanding of a topic. A knowledge organiser will not include every possible fact on a topic; it will include facts needed to understand the main points.


Why are knowledge organisers good for learning?


  • Research shows that our brains remember things better when we know the ‘bigger picture’ and can see the way that ‘nuggets’ of knowledge link together. Making links helps information move into our long-term memory. A knowledge organiser shows linked facts.
  • Children understand a topic much better when they have lots of knowledge about it!
  • Having knowledge helps keep children interested.
  • Knowledge organisers can be used for ‘retrieval’ practice (practising remembering things!). Regular practice at remember (retrieving) knowledge helps us remember more over time and puts the information into our long term memory.
  • Knowledge organisers make knowledge clear. So, even if a learner misses a lesson it helps them catch up.
Knowledge Organisers: A summary


A summary of the most important bits of a topic!                   Keep it simple and have fun

Helps children remember more and makes links                   Keeps children interested

Practice is perfect! (Well not quite but it helps!)           You have to use it not just own one!




Spring Term 2 Knowledge Organisers


Year 4 Where does our water come from

Year 3 How do natural resources help us

Year 5 What is South America like

Year 6 Why do people move


Spring Term 1 Knowledge Organisers


Year 3 KO Walter Tull

Year 5 Ancient Greeks


Autumn Term 1 Knowledge Organisers


Year 6 WW2 knowledge organiser

Year 5.1 Vikings Knowledge Organiser

Year 4.1 Romans Knowledge Organiser

Year 3.1 Stone Age to Iron Age KO