Collective Worship

Our collective worship strengthens the community ethos of our school. It is planned to enable all pupils of any religion or none to take part as appropriate. The aim of our collective worship is to:


  • make our values explicit and develop pupils’ thinking so they are able to explore their own beliefs and motivations
  • promote respect for the beliefs, practices & values of others within the school & the community & an opportunity for pupils to explore & evaluate their own beliefs, whether religious or not, in relation to those of others.
  • help pupils develop their own spirituality and foster sensitivity to the beliefs, practices and values of others (see appendix D for our shared definition of spirituality)
  • build a sense of community so pupils consider their place in the community and what it means to be a citizen
  • develop a sense of belonging within every child, so all understand their place in our school.
  • help pupils know and celebrate who they are and who they might become
  • mark occasions of celebration and commemoration
  • provide quiet time for reflection upon the fundamental questions of existence
  • encourage hope, aspiration, awe, wonder & develop self-understanding, empathy, compassion and wisdom


All present (pupils, staff and visitors) should feel valued whatever their faith or beliefs with no assumption of a shared religious commitment. Collective worship will acknowledge and respect the responses of individual pupils and provide opportunities for them to express their feelings, delight at life, wonder, and joy. 

To read the full Collective Worship policy and procedures please click on the link below


Collective Worship Policy


Collective Worship Policy


Collective Worship Calendar


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