Physical Education

Physical Education is an integral part of the curriculum at Emmanuel Junior Academy. Our school places great value on PE to help develop the mental, social and physical wellbeing of our children through inclusivity, engagement, co-operation and structured challenge. We see PE as an important foundation on which to build each child's individual character, confidence and courage and provide a coherent and progressive curriculum throughout KS2. 

PE is a unique subject that touches on physical, emotional, social and creative learning. Our vision is to use PE to help and encourage our children to be brave in their learning, overcome perceived barriers, support their peers, aspire to improve and to “have a go” no matter what the challenge. 

We strive to develop the whole child to respect themselves, respect others and to become positive members of our Emmanuel community. ​ 

"Coach me and I will learn. Challenge me and I will grow. Believe in me and I will win."

Dr. Robert Halgren


Intent and Implementation


Intent and Implementation


Progression Documents


Get Set 4 PE Skills and Knowledge Progression Ladders




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Get Set 4 PE outdoor pe curriculum map 22-23