The Best of Ten at Eja

Best of 10 at Emmanuel!



In 2021, all the children in school listed their top ten things about Emmanuel and ordered them. It was lovely reading about what they thought about our school – we hope you enjoy this too!

This is what the children told us...


  1. The subjects – We just love the range of subjects that we learn about at Emmanuel! Everything from History to Art, Geography to Computing, PE to RE. Every lesson is exciting and really gets us thinking and doing. The variety through a week keeps us interested in our topics and we even have an award for our Science learning!
  2. The teachers and teaching assistants - Our teachers are excellent as they make lessons interesting and exciting to keep us learning. They work very hard to make sure that we are happy and have the best possible experiences. They really care about us & want all of us to be able to do our very best. They help us with our learning and are always there to help us with any problems that we might have.
  3. Bertie the School Dog – We are so lucky to have Bertie in school, and he is so cute as our dog that we can all share and enjoy time with. He plays with us at breaktimes and lets us read to him, and he even visits us in class sometimes if we have done some brilliant learning!
  4. Maths – Maths is one of the best subjects in school and we really like challenging ourselves, especially with the Mastery Checkpoints. We learn about all sorts of useful Maths and we like knowing that we can work to get the right answer. The resources also really help us learn.
  5. Playtimes - Our playtimes are the best time of the day where we can let off steam & chill with friends. We have lots of playground equipment for each year group which helps us to play together and can be used to organise a different team game each day. Our learning mentor helps us to always try to play nicely with each other so that no one ever feels left out.
  6. English - We really enjoy the books we read together in class and feel proud when we write great stories together.
  7. School dinners - Our school lunches are delicious and nutritious. Our kitchen staff love to en-sure that our children eat well and there are always 4 choices for us to choose from! The menu changes every week so there is something for everyone with lots of additional items such as salad, yoghurt & bread.
  8. Friends - School is all about Friends! Friends help us do great learning and help us have fun at playtime.
  9. Books and reading - We love the library and choosing from some of the great books that we have. Reading can be like going on new adventures
  10. Behaviour - We have the best children at Emmanuel and they show a true kindness and respect towards others. They show determination to be respectful, courageous and safe at all times. We reward their positive behaviours for learning and they all help each other to behave well!