Special Educational Needs And Disabilities At Emmanuel Junior Academy

Our SENDCO is Mrs Amanda Smith and she can be contacted on 0114 248 3048
Mrs Smith can be contacted at school to discuss any concerns parents may have about their child's progress and learning or to discuss support that is given to children here at Emmanuel. She works closely with teachers, teaching assistants and other professionals across the city to secure the best outcomes for every child. Emmanuel supports a diverse community of children including those with additional and special needs. We support children whose needs are on-going throughout their school journey and those where some short term support can care for their needs. Some children join Emmanuel with needs which have been identified in their earlier years in their Infant school, whilst for other children; these needs emerge over time or with age. For each and every child, we seek to develop our knowledge and understanding of how best to support them on a personal basis.

Within the classroom, children receive quality first teaching where our teachers and teaching assistants work together to design lessons suitable to meet the needs of all our pupils. At Emmanuel language development plays a significant role within the classroom, supporting children both with and without additional and special needs. We aim to provide our staff with the confidence to support your child and ultimately to build self-esteem and a thirst for learning.

All our staff monitor children’s progress on a regular basis, both academically and emotionally. Through communication with parents/carers, Senior Leadership and the Learning Mentor, we aim to provide support in a range of ways, most appropriate to the child and their individual needs. Whilst this can take place through the class teaching, other times in may involve small group support, one-to-one or specific intervention. Emmanuel has developed close relationships with outside agencies that can support our children and families. The SENDCO is well respected within the Locality. We work closely with the Speech and Language Service; the Locality Lead SENDCO; Educational Psychologists and the Autism Team. All these services support children and families through both assessment and advice. The Multi Agency Support Team (MAST) also link closely with the Learning Mentor to support families outside of school. 

At Emmanuel we are in a developing culture for supporting children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. We are constantly seeking new ways to support our children and families, providing a quality learning environment and additional provision for all to be proud of. Regardless of a child’s ability, through learning together and learning to be together, every child has the right to achieve their full potential.

We are creative and innovative in our approaches and have a distinctive ethos linked to pastoral support and academic support. A wide range of strategies are used within the classroom and through interventions.

We are proud of our inclusive ethos. For further information about the arrangements for the admission of disabled pupils please see the SEND policy below. The school's Disability Equality Policy identifies the steps taken by school to ensure that disabled pupils are not treated less favourably than other students.


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