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Emmanuel Church is an ecumenical church serving the townships of Waterthorpe and Westfield in the south of Sheffield. We have a congregation from young babies right through to people in their eighties. Morning worship tends to be lively and often interactive, sometimes with the worship band!

A Sunday service is from 10.45.

We would welcome all who would like to join us.

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Picture 1

Hello, I’m Rev. Jen!


I am delighted to be Chaplain to Emmanuel Junior Academy. I was formally appointed in June 2014 – although I’ve been taking part in school assemblies for over 20 years! I’m a Methodist Minister.


As school chaplain my most important task is prayer – I pray for the school every day –including parents and carers.


I meet with the pupil representatives to plan assemblies – leading assembly is a key part of my role. I love working with the children so I always try to get them involved in assembly- through drama, singing and prayer activities. I always make sure that I’m around at the end of assembly to answer questions/ chat to children and staff.


I’m always please to support the children (and the staff) to ask questions about God and to develop their spirituality. I do this by resourcing lessons and leading sessions – I love challenging the children to think about God by using images and stories from different cultures and parts of the world.”

Chaplain's Challenge!


Thank you for all your hard work on the last challenge.


Watch the space for the next one - coming soon!