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Animal vocabulary for you to practise!

Learn how to talk about your family. You should now be ready to put a few sentences together all about yourself!

Learn how to greet people and introduce yourself!

Here is a powerpoint and video to help you count up to twenty in French, have fun!

Les chiffres et les nombres de 1 a 20 - alain le lait (French numbers from 1 to 20)

Les chiffres de 1 a 20 (French numbers 1 to 20) ©2011 alain le lait Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept Huit, neuf, dix Onze, dou...

Continue to learn more French foods and challenge yourself to remember 10 of them by the end of the week! If your device doesn't allow you to hear the audio, don't forget you can use Google translate to listen to the correct pronunciation of any French word, just type in the English word! laugh
Start by practising what you have learned so far. What greetings can you remember from last week? How many of the colours can you remember? Then move on to this lovely Bitesize lesson on clothes and food.heart
Sing along with the song below and then practise greeting and introducing yourself to a family member!

French Greetings Song for Children

Now you can access my iTunes song for free! My students love this song and will carry on singing it at home or at school. Get the Bonus download here: https:...

Have a go at learning some colours in French. There is a Powerpoint for you to read and listen to and some sheets for you to complete. You could also be more creative and think of your own way to show colours in French.

French Song "Colours"