At Emmanuel Junior Academy the teaching of Design and Technology promotes the development of children’s skills and knowledge in design, structures, mechanisms, electrical control and a range of materials. We aim for children to be inquisitive learners and encourage them to think about the bigger picture and important issues. It helps to adapt prior knowledge and skills from core subjects: Math’s, English and Science and apply these in creative and practical manner. This will ensure we provide a spiralized curriculum … 

Through our teaching within Design and Technology, children develop a multitude of skills so they have the knowledge and confidence to become life-long learners and begin to form their own ideas and opinions for all aspects of their lives. Children are given the opportunity to develop, build and explore their creations’ strengths and weaknesses, using assessment strategies to propose improvements. ​We aim that the skills learnt in Design and Technology will serve children in a universal way, helping them not only in other subjects but across all forms of their lives. 


'Design is intelligence made visible' – Alina Wheeler ​

Our Curriculum has been created in line with the National Curriculum: CLICK HERE 


Our full DT intent and implementation document please see the file below.