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At Emmanuel Junior Academy, we value reading as a key life skill, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our children are confident, enthusiastic and reflective readers so that all children, other than those who are cognitively unable, will leave Emmanuel working at or above age related expectations. 

At Emmanuel, we aim to foster a love of reading that will last a lifetime for all children as well as develop fluent and independent readers who reflect on the meaning of a text. ​

At the centre of our teaching of reading is a recognition of the importance of language development and the goal that every child will develop a love of literature. To do this we take the following approach. 

Throughout the school day, children are immersed in a rich reading environment which includes two well-resourced libraries both for upper key stage 2 and lower key stage 2 as well as a smaller selection of books within each classroom which they can access independently. Through daily reading lessons children are also exposed to high-quality, age-appropriate texts that have been carefully selected to spark children's enthusiasm, imagination and enjoyment where reading skills are taught explicitly, built upon and revisited though a spiral approach. Through developing confident and secure readers, we aim to unlock the doors to education, imagination and future life-skills.​

 "The journey of a lifetime starts with turning a page." Rachel Anders.​


For our full Reading curriculum intent and implementation document please see the file below. 

Reading intent and implementation

Reading intent and implementation.pdf .pdf

Reading Progression Documents

Cracking Comprehension Overview of content domains LKS2 UKS2.pdf .pdf
Progression on phonics.pdf .pdf

Teaching sequence

Creative Comprehension Sequence.pdf .pdf

Vocabulary instruction

Vocabulary instruction.pdf .pdf

CLICK HERE for detailed document of lesson structure

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