History at Emmanuel


History at Emmanuel will allow our children to discover and research the past in a range of ways using a range of different historical skills. By using their imagination, our children will be encouraged to make links between the past, the present and the future whilst having fun and exploring some of the more gruesome and exciting elements of history. ​

​The History curriculum will provide opportunities for memorable trips that will inspire and embed the childrens' learning providing them with historical knowledge and a love of History. We hope that our varied history curriculum will enable our children to talk about significant historical people and the impact they have made on our lives today as well as leaving us with a sound knowledge of British and Ancient world history.

'History is who we are and why we are the way we are.'


For our full history curriculum intent and implementation document please see the file below.


Our Curriculum has been created in line with the National Curriculum: CLICK HERE 

History intent and implementation

History intent and implementation.pdf .pdf

History Progression

History overview for the year.pdf .pdf
History knowledge and vocabulary progression.docx .docx
History Progression in Disciplinary Knowledge.pdf .pdf
Historical concept spiralisation.pdf .pdf
Historical concepts.pdf .pdf


Year 3 Teacher Knowledge Pre-Historic Times.pdf .pdf
Year 3 Teacher Knowledge Egyptians.pdf .pdf
Year 4 Teacher Knowledge Roman Britain.pdf .pdf
Year 5 Teacher Knowledge Anglo Saxons and Vikings.pdf .pdf
Year 4 Teacher Knowledge Steel City.pdf .pdf
Year 4 Teacher Knowledge Rosa Parks.pdf .pdf
Year 6 Teacher Knowledge Booklet Remembrance.pdf .pdf
Year 5 Teacher Knowledge Greeks.pdf .pdf
Year 6 Teacher Knowledge Booklet Campaigner for Change.pdf .pdf