At Emmanuel, PSHE isn’t just a subject; it is a mindset which is engrained in to the whole ethos of the school. We strive to create a safe community where pupils feel courageous enough to share their opinions, fears and dreams and are respectful to those of others. Children are supported to push themselves out of their comfort zones to reach their goals and are guided to ensure they have the appropriate vocabulary and understanding to be able to express themselves clearly in any situation. Emotional well-being is extremely important and all children are supported to develop their own emotional regulation techniques and calming strategies.  

Within individual sessions, we practise the skills required to be competent communicators, moral citizens and resilient individuals in an environment where there are no right or wrong answers and everyone’s perspective is considered with empathy and an open mind. We support our children to develop their mindfulness and establish a growth mindset which will stay with them in the future. We want children to leave our school being able to embrace the differences of the world around them and know their own value and the difference they can make in their society. 


For our full PSHE curriculum intent and implementation document please see the file below.